Ted Lasso, Season 2 Episode 11: Midnight Train to Royston

Spoiler alert! The following notes include the key plot details of Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 11. Assuming my schedule permits, I plan to use them when helping to lead a Clubhouse discussion on October 3.

Midnight Train to Royston

  • Ted: Trains the team to perform a routine to “Bye, Bye, Bye.”  When Dr. Sharon tries to leave early, he springs into action and confronts her, but she just tells him to read the letter.  When he does, he weeps.  Sharon invites Ted out for a drink.  Ted has Mae give her a goodbye note, and leaves an army man in her beer.  Later, receives a text from Trent Crimm (The Independent) who has written a story about Ted’s panic attack.  And because he respects Ted so much, he tells him that the source was Nate.
  • Rebecca: Torn about what to do about Sam. If she refuses to let him go, is that for the team or because she is emotionally compromised.
    • She’s waiting at Sam’s door when he gets home.  “I know I can’t ask you not to go, but I hope you don’t go.”
  • Sam: Meets with Ghanan billionaire Edwin Akufu, who wants him to play in Africa for Casablanca.  Sam calls his dad to discuss the day.
    • “I’m a billionaire who doesn’t believe that billionaires should exist.”
    • He buys out the museum, creates a restaurant, all to convince Sam to take his offer.
  • Roy: Discovers that Phoebe is drawing pictures of breasts, which the boys have stolen to use as currency.  Does Phoebe’s teacher have a crush on Roy?
  • Keely: Takes Nate suit shopping.  Tells him to dream big…then Nate kisses Keely.  Keely is nervous about the photoshoot because it’s not just about her looks, it’s about “the real me.”  Roy tells her, “The real you is fucking amazing.”  Callback to “The Independent Woman”.  Keely tells Roy about Nate.  Roy tells Keely about Phoebe’s teacher.  Then Keely tells Roy about Jamie, and Roy is shook.
  • Jamie: No significant screen time.
  • Beard: No significant screen time.
  • Nate: Snaps at Will for referring to his suit as “the one Ted bought him.”  Asks Keely for help buying a suit.  Overcome with emotion, he kisses Keely.  Then he spits on his own face in the mirror.
  • Higgins: Gets his office back.  Knows everyone’s birthday, including Osama Bin Laden.
  • Dr. Sharon: Tries to leave for Royston without seeing people in person.  “I feel more comfortable writing a goodbye than saying it.”  She plays the same pinball machine that Ted does, and puts in her initials SMF…for Sexy Mother Fucker.
  • Trent Crimm: Publishes the story about Ted’s panic attack, and texts Ted that his source was Nate.
  • Misc:
    • The episode title is a play on “Midnight Train to Georgia,” which is a song about someone returning home after failing to make it in LA.  Hmmm.
    • What was in Sharon’s note to Ted?  Will this be like Roy’s retirement speech?
    • Did Nate leak the story to Trent after the incident with Keely?
    • Whose breasts is Phoebe drawing?
    • Is Edwin truly a good guy, or is he too used to getting his way?
    • Should Keely have told Roy about Jamie?

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