Travelogue: My 22nd HBS Reunion

There are two reasons that I write about my travels. The primary reason is to get my thoughts in writing before my memories start to fade (even my memory, though unusually accurate, fades with time). The secondary reason is because I love to share; I hope that people enjoy my stories and photos, and that … Continue reading Travelogue: My 22nd HBS Reunion

The Yeh Family East Coast Vacation

Each year, we take the family on the road to explore America.  Some of our past trips have included driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, and visiting all the museums at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. This year, Alisha had the opportunity to take a two-month sabbatical, which allowed us to take a longer (and … Continue reading The Yeh Family East Coast Vacation

Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Like most of you, I was shocked by the news of the Boston Marathon bombing.  I was glued to Twitter and Google News, checking every five minutes, waiting for each additional bit of news. Now that nearly 24 hours has passed, I have some thoughts I’d like to share.  Unlike most of my writing, this … Continue reading Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Silicon Valley > Boston (The Data)

I love Boston. I lived there for five of the best years of my life, when I was working at D. E. Shaw & Co., and then when I attended Harvard Business School. If anyone asks, I always tell them, “if Boston had the same weather and career opportunities for me as Silicon Valley, I’d … Continue reading Silicon Valley > Boston (The Data)