Awareness, Control, and Acceptance

We’re often tempted to ignore our animal nature.  In our hubris, we believe that our culture and habits trump the billions of years of evolution that have led to this point. That’s a mistake. As individuals, we’re better off acknowledging our animal nature, not to blindly accept it, but to make conscious decisions about how … Continue reading Awareness, Control, and Acceptance

Extreme Altruism and You

This morning, I read a long profile of an extreme altruist, who believes in a) giving away as much as possible and b) focusing on whatever will provide the greatest benefit, regardless of whether that means helping loved ones or strangers. In one passage, she worries that she’ll have to give up her dream of … Continue reading Extreme Altruism and You

The best way to harvest value is to create it

These days, many people have a negative view of business.  Think of Occupy Wall Street, for example.  That negative view is even starting to impact the startup world.  I’m seeing more stories about how so many startups are creating me-too products that don’t solve real problems. There is a solution to this negative view, and … Continue reading The best way to harvest value is to create it