Responsible Rhetoric In The Age of Polarization

America is the most polarized it has been in my lifetime. Even the Covid-19 pandemic, an exogenous threat, has simply reinforced this polarization, and the protests and riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death have pushed opposing sides even further apart. Instead of discussions, nearly every conversation between those disagree has become a debate. … Continue reading Responsible Rhetoric In The Age of Polarization

Fallibility is not Equivalence

In my continuing series on partisan arguments that detour from reality, I’d like to discuss a common rhetorical tactic that usually goes unchallenged. When arguing against expert recommendations, I often see people pointing to a single example of a mistake, and using that as proof that we should then ignore expert recommendations. For example, I’ve … Continue reading Fallibility is not Equivalence

Do Sexists Earn More Money?

That’s what a recent study purports to show, at least according to attention-grabbing headlines in the mainstream media.Judge and UF colleague Beth Livingston analyzed information from interviews of nearly 8,000 individuals, ages 14 to 22, at the study’s start in 1979. Interviews also took place in 1982, 1987 and 2004. The participants were part of … Continue reading Do Sexists Earn More Money?