Movie Review: Little Miss Sunshine

Alisha and I watched “Little Miss Sunshine” last night. The thing about my movie-watching habits is that A) I’m a parent of two young children, and B) I’m cheap, which means that I only get to see movies when the library decides to buy the DVD and when either C) the kids go to sleep … Continue reading Movie Review: Little Miss Sunshine

Marketing Salute: General Motors

It’s so seldom that GM does anything right, that I’m always shocked when they do something “not dumb.” Which made it even more noteworthy when they actually latched onto a stroke of genius this summer. “Transformers” promises to be the monster hit of the summer. As one movie reviewer put it, “It has cars that … Continue reading Marketing Salute: General Motors

Great Writing of the Day: “The Suetonius of Sleaze”

“The Suetonius of Sleaze“ As a writer, sometimes I just have to sit back and marvel at the appropriateness of a turn of phrase. The juxtaposition of the famed ancient Roman historian with the modern sleaze of Times Square; the alliterative nickname, complete with allusion to Ruthian “Sultan of Swat” and rich with the aural … Continue reading Great Writing of the Day: “The Suetonius of Sleaze”