Why Reading Literature is Valuable

I was listening to the New York Times Book Review podcast (one of the little ways I stay connected to the literary world) when I heard a debate about the value of literature.  As is often the case with literary folk, the debaters were conflicted and ambiguous, pointing out the contradiction between arguing for literature’s … Continue reading Why Reading Literature is Valuable

Read promiscuously and make connections

When entrepreneurs ask me where to find good ideas, I advise them to read promiscuously and make connections. (No, this isn’t some kind of advertisement for Tinder or Grindr.) To read promiscuously means to be voracious and unselective.  I was at the library on Sunday, looking for audiobooks, and as usual, I picked up a … Continue reading Read promiscuously and make connections

Recency or Quality?

When I read, I’m looking for either recency or quality. There’s a saying that day-old newspaper is used to line birdcages. I read online content with the expectation of learning the latest, and I accept the lower quality as a necessary by-product of speed. I read books with the expectation of reading a well-thought-out, carefully-edited … Continue reading Recency or Quality?