Networking outside your comfort zone

It’s critical to network in situations outside your comfort zone, otherwise your skills might erode. Here in Silicon Valley, it’s pretty easy to network. People are very casual and open, and if you’re an investor, it’s even easier. People constantly seek me out because they want me to invest in them, or to introduce them … Continue reading Networking outside your comfort zone

Mastering Rapport

I hate traveling for work. It’s not that I mind the mechanics of travel; I pack light and optimize everything from my clothing to my snacks. I also have the advantage of being able to sleep any time and anywhere, including on planes while surrounded by crying babies. Rather, I hate being away from home. … Continue reading Mastering Rapport

The Future of Work

As we hurtle rapidly forward into an undiscovered country of robots and 3D printers, people are starting to ask, “What is the future of work?” Economic changes have already decimated traditional middle-class blue collar work like car- and steel-making.  A lot of folks in Silicon Valley have jumped on the “everyone should learn how to … Continue reading The Future of Work