Sorry officer, I couldn’t see the road from my position!

Heather Specyalski of Middletown Connecticut is using a novel defense against second-degree manslaughter charges in the fatal crash that killed Neil Esposito. Prosecutors allege that Specyalski was driving Esposito’s convertible when it crashed on the side of the highway.

Specyalski’s defense is that the accident occurred while she was performing oral sex on Esposito, who was the actual driver. In support of her claim, her attorney cited the fact that Esposito’s pants were down.

The prosecutor, Assistant State’s Attorney Maureen Platt, dismissed the defense’s claims.

“His pants could have been down because he was mooning a car he was drag racing,” Platt said. “His pants could have been down because he was urinating out of a window. His pants could have been down because he wasn’t feeling well.”

I dunno, I think I have to go with the defense on this one!

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