People, Passion, Purpose

People, Passion, Purpose
I read recently (I can’t remember where, though I suspect it was in the HBS Alumni Bulletin) about a book which argues that the old corporate mantras of strategy, market share, etc., are now less important than the three Ps: People, Passion, and Purpose.

This fits in perfectly with this NYTimes article on Dave Duffield of PeopleSoft fame.

Dave is the legendary founder of PeopleSoft, renowned for his generosity and respect for his employees. After selling out to Larry Ellison and Oracle (the right move for the shareholders), Dave backed up his talk by endowing a $10 million fund to make cash grants to PeopleSoft employees who were laid off because of the merger, and couldn’t find work.

In a world where people, passion, and purpose are all-important, Dave and whatever he does next are going to do well.

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