The Ideal Internet Business

The Ideal Internet Business
Sports columnist Norman Chad had this to say about online poker:

“Online poker is to the Internet what E! is to cable television. Twenty years ago, we all heard about the promise of cable (quality programming and more choices); what we get is televised gossip, talk-show shout fests and “Punk’d.” The Internet was going to be a democratizing information tool, yet if you had to invest in a single online element, it would be either pornography or gambling. Welcome to America.”

That raises the logical question, is it possible to create a pornographic gambling service?

This is very like the concept my friend Matt and I had back in the 1990s for a pornographic brokerage. We would be able to take the single largest cost center, customer service, and turn it into a profit center by replacing standard telephone brokers with phone sex operators.

“You get me even hotter when you use your margin account!”

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