The Cameraphone Changes Everything

The Cameraphone Changes Everything
The trend watchers at Springwise noted the emergence of two services that let dieters photograph their meals with their camera phones and send them to dieticians for analysis.

But at a cost of $100 per month, I find it hard to believe that they’ll find many takers.

On the other hand, if they were able to outsource the dietician work to India and drop the price to $20 per month, I think they’d have a hit on their hands.

What other businesses can you think of that can leverage the omnipresence of camera phones?

2 thoughts on “The Cameraphone Changes Everything

  1. pornography, of course, but i’m sure you’ve thought of that.

  2. I had a soar throat the other week, went to a hospital and had two wait for an hour before they looked into my throat and my ears.

    Maybe I could have used my mobile phone instead.

    Would require some kind of add-on… hmmm

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