MLK For A Day

MLK For A Day
The folks at DDB Worldwide have created a special memorial site in honor of Martin Luther King Jr‘s birthday.

This site has gotten a lot of attention for the way it simulates segregation by asking white and colored people to click on separate links.

The language of segregation truly is chilling, and hopefully it makes some people consider how far we have come, as well as how far we still have to go.

But is it mean-spirited of me to point out that the most talked-about aspect of the site, the segregation, took like 5 minutes to build?

I mean, the only difference between the experience for a white visitor and a colored visitor is a single page. That’s it.

Hell, I could slap that up in 2 minutes.

For such an important issue, couldn’t they spend a little more time?

Isn’t representing segregation with a single Web page a cop-out that diminishes the evils of segregation?

If you’re white, how does reading a single page warning you not to stray off the colored section of the site convey the impact of segregation?

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