The Science of Crazy Eddie Marketing

The Science of Crazy Eddie Marketing
Ramit sent me this awesome link.

While this page is intended as a joke, it does a great job of cataloging and breaking down all the things those crazy ebook and newsletter marketers do. Just check out the following example:

“The time’s come for you to be Convinced. And for that American is so, so much cooler than English. Partly because it uses centered text. And partly because it isn’t embarrassed to add , ,. and .

Take 3 Easy Steps And Own Your Own Awesome Money Machine. It’s 100% Able To Give You Massive Residual Income… Read This Letter And I’ll Tell You Why I Am Parting With This Money Machine So YOU Can Get Rich Within 24 Hours, Guaranteed!

See, you didn’t miss that, did ya?

Key points recap:

OK, just don’t blame him if you don’t get the message. He’s only trying to point out that the product has
* a feel good factor (“100%” always feels good)
* immediacy (who can wait more than one day to get rich?)
* guaranteed residual income (Americans have MLM in their DNA; “residual income” may be explained for other nationalities)
* a requirement that there’s no work on your part (or very little)
The only effort required of you is Clicking That Paypal Button. Even an idiot can do that, right?

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