Cell Phone Woes And Google Suckiness

I’m in the market for a camera phone (so that I can take pictures of the kids) that works on T-Mobile, and when I sat down to figure out which one to get, I thought it would be a cinch. WRONG!

An hour later, my head was spinning. There wasn’t a single site where I could find what I wanted (a list of T-Mobile compatible phones with a 1 megapixel or better camera). Hell, it took 45 minutes just to find out that most of the cameras I had been considering only had 0.3 megapixel cameras–something T-Mobile didn’t reveal anywhere on their Web site.

Google searching was worse than useless, repeatedly directing me to spam sites loaded with AdSense ads. I was so disgusted, I’m not going to bother linking to anyone, though I will say that PriceGrabber was the best of a revolting lot.

At this rate, I’m actually going to have to drive to a T-Mobile store to talk with a salesperson (horror of horrors)!

How do you find the right phone? Where is the Consumer Reports of cell phones?

I find it hard to believe that a multi-billion dollar industry like this doesn’t have a better way to provide product information. If it doesn’t, there’s a helluva business opportunity waiting for one of you to tackle it!

4 thoughts on “Cell Phone Woes And Google Suckiness

  1. Justin K


    SonyEricsson w600(1.3) or w810(2.0) would be my pick.

  2. Justin K

    Your post got me thinking.. we need a Consumer Reports of Consumer Reports! The place you go to to find the sites that are rated the best on the things they rate 🙂

  3. http://www.myrateplan.com/cellphones/ has a nice interface for choosing phones…

  4. Great site, Jim! That’s the way it should be done. Though it would be better to also have a tabular display of the data.

    By the way, I ended up driving to a T-Mobile store to look at the phones in person and got a Samsung T809.

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