I Believe That Bloggers Are The Future

The greaaaaatest gift of allllll….

Thank you, Whitney Houston, for implanting that crappy song in my head in the 1980s.

Anytime someone tries to tell you that blogging is a fad, point them to the results of this Experience Inc. study:

22% of college students write blogs.

Given the state of our educational system, it would only be mildly surprising that only 22% were capable of writing anything, which just underscores the sea change at work.

And blogs are simply the spearhead for the rest of CGM. Anyone who questions whether there are enough people interested in creating content should simply consider the fact that over 1/5 of college students are already doing it.

I wonder if there is an opportunity for a college-focused blogging network? Maybe you create a directory of blogs for each graduating class–I know I’d love a list of my classmates’ blogs.

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