Link Love In The Time Of Cholera

One of the fascinating aspects of blogging is link love.

The currency of blogging is the link, and used properly, it can make or break you.

For example, I read Andrew Fife’s blog. Recently, Andrew posted his list of the Top 10 VC bloggers. It’s a good post, but what it also has the effect of doing is attracting links to it from those same VC blogs.

I’ve always poked mild fun at the A-listers who link back to people who have something flattering to say. Of course, it’s easy for me to do so, since like Kathy Griffin, I’m living life on the D-List.

But when the lovely and talented Jackie Danicki writes flatteringly of my conversational skills and my odor, well, as Cialdini fans know, reciprocity is one of the strongest tools of influence.

Of course, since Jackie’s blog is far more widely read than this humble site, the analogy isn’t quite the same. Link love freely given is the best of all.

So everyone in the Valley, Jackie will be in town from August 4th to August 13th. I know I’ll make time to see her…will you?

“I’ll be in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley from August 4 – August 13. I will be hitting SES in San Jose from the 8th – 11th, and getting up to nothing but fun and trouble the whole time. Wanna hook up? Email me. I always meet so many interesting people when I come to the area, and have high hopes for this trip, too.”

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