One of my favorite movie reviewers is Omar, the gangsta film reviewer for SLAM Magazine. Here is his pithy, pitch-perfect take on the absurdity of Superman’s ability to pass as Clark Kent:

“Now, my thing is, how can Clark Kent and Superman return on the same exact day and no one put two and two together? That’s still my beef. I mean given, Clark Kent is this clumsy and nerdy guy, but come on, dunn. Can anyone really be that stupid? See, that’s how I know Superman couldn’t lamp in the hood. I mean, if someone gets arrested on the block, then they get back to the block a half hour later, and 4 other people get arrested a half hour later, we pretty much know you snitching. So if the bird of the block disappears whenever Superman appears, you can trust we gonna show up to son’s door with a big bag of BBQ charcoal like “Aight son! Ice us out! No no no, don’t play stupid, Clark. We know why washed those blue spandex at the Laundromat, and it sure as hell wasn’t for aerobics class.” Na’mean?”

On a side note, “Ice me out” is going to be my new catchphrase with the VCs….

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