How To Manage Outsourced Software Development

If you’re considering outsourcing your software development, get your ass over to my buddy Dave Feinleib’s blog and check out this post and his slides.

I’ve already written about Dave in the past, and my admiration for him continues to grow. I wish all VCs were as hands on (Dave actually builds his own Web 2.0 businesses–for kicks–so he can better understand potential investments).

3 thoughts on “How To Manage Outsourced Software Development

  1. Whenever I read this sort of thing, I always feel rather wistful; I’m no Lou Dobbs type and work in a company that happily outsources some parts of engineering, but hope that Silicon Valley maintains a core of serious technologists and doesn’t become a wasteland completely ruled by cooler-than-thou, wildly multitasking, always-on-the-cellphone “bizdev” types.

    Fortunately, I’ve found a wierd niche where craft still matters and where you can’t just throw warm bodies, crank-it-out software processes, and hardware at the technical problem. But I wonder how many such niches still exist, and whether process-driven VCs will kill them by insisting that only look-good-in-suit HQ types can be in the valley…

  2. I too would abhor a technological wasteland ruled by bizdev types (though, alas, I probably resemble one).

    What I think will happen is this: As the bizdev types get involved specifying their outsourcing projects, they’ll come to realize the value of serious technologists.

    I can tell you that in my own life, I get really excited when I meet hardcore technologists, because their creations can’t be replicated on Rentacoder in a weekend.

    Conversely, if outsourcing causes people to develop orders of magnitude more applications, there will be a greater need for technologists to provide the high-level architecture and direction.

    Certainly offshoring is inevitable. But I think the story can still have a happy ending for technologists as well as schmoozers.

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