Business Idea of the Day: Metalocal

My MyWay partner-in-crime, Tom Evslin, has a great post up about the opportunity in local Web 2.0 businesses. For example, he writes:

“You could be the of local by providing a tool used within local sites for sub-communities to find the best of what ever they’re interested in.”

To me, the opportunity does not lie in adding YAWN (yet another Web 2.0 network), but rather in enabling metalocal functionality in existing services.

I’m already using–I don’t want to start using a new service. What we need is a meta layer on top of that allows me to see the kinds of links of other people in the same locale. Or a meta layer on top of flickr that lets me see the photostream of fellow 650 residents.

Create a single site where I can enter all my different services, my location, and other characteristics, and then connect me to content from other Palo Alto residents, Lakers fans, or whatever else might tickle my fancy. Think of it as Placeblogger on steroids.

Any takers?

4 thoughts on “Business Idea of the Day: Metalocal

  1. Good points but I think a crush of local newbies will need tools simpler and more direct than We nerds’ll adapt to what a larger and less techy market needs. We learned to live without the A> prompt.

    more here:

  2. Well Chris, because of my own NashvilleHype! blog I just had someone write me from to tell me theve started a Nashville section… and, it’s pretty close looking and sounding. It seems to be done really well. right now they are in four cities with Nashville being the newest.

  3. Hey, this is Lisa Williams from Placeblogger. I’ll do it myself, but we’re gonna have to substitute code for steroids — I’m strictly natural, okay ;->?

  4. Lisa,

    Glad to hear that you’re on top of things!

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