Money Can’t Buy You Love, But It Can Buy Sex (and Unhappiness)

The very rich are not like you and I–they have a lot more sex, mostly in their private jets.

The Wall Street Journal posted an article on a new sex survey conducted with private jet owners. The picture it paints isn’t nearly as pretty as the lead (“wealth can bring you better sex”) indicates.

Fully 63% of rich men said wealth gave them “better sex,” which they defined as having more-frequent sex with more partners. That compares to 88% of women who said more money gave them better sex, which they defined as “higher quality” sex.

Sounds promising enough, though I wonder if having sex with more partners is really the road to happiness. I’m also curious how these aviatrices defined “higher quality” sex. Better-looking men?

The women in the survey were almost twice as likely than their male counterparts to have “more adventurous and exotic” sex lives than they did before they were wealthy. They were also more than twice as likely than men to be members of the “mile high club,” meaning they’ve had sex on an airplane. Fully 72% of the female respondents said they were mile-high-club members, compared to 33% of the men.

As if men needed any more incentive to go after rich women, apparently the well-heeled are also round-heeled. Consider yourself warned the next time you step into a billionairess’ Gulfstream.

Among the respondents, nearly three-quarters of the women surveyed (about 150) said they’d had affairs, compared to about 50% of the men. While the male numbers are in keeping with findings for the broader American population, the figure for women is almost twice as high as the national average, according to sex researchers. (More than half of all the men and women surveyed had been divorced at least once.)

One wonders whether the potential cost of infidelity (much higher for the rich) or the increased access to attractive extramarital partners (also much higher for the rich) would prevail. I guess that question has been answered. Apparently, the old Italian saying, “When the penis rises to the sky, the brain falls to the ground” isn’t true only for men.

Now I like money. But as I’ve written recently, the obsession with consumption is downright unhealthy. Being rich may allow you to have extramarital sex with multiple partners in your private jet, but that just seems like a recipe for unhappiness.*

* Except for single swinging guys who manage to land billionairesses as girlfriends. You go, boyfriend!

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