The Secret, Three-Part, Can’t Fail, Guaranteed Marketing Formula

I really enjoy Jim Logan’s B2B marketing blog, and this post (extensively excerpted below) is an example why. Here, he provides his formula for copywriting success:

No one wants to buy anything we offer. For some this is a hard thing to grasp, but it’s true. No one wants to buy our products or services. People want to buy the things our products and services do for them.

As an oversimplified example – no one wants to own a computer. What we want is the ability to create and edit video and audio, desktop publish, surf the Internet, shop online, sell products, email family and friends, etc. We don’t want to buy the computer, printer or other peripherals. We want to buy the things we can do with them.

Assuming you’re not the only person on earth selling the benefits you offer, what’s different about you and your offer? In other words, why should I buy your particular offer…why shouldn’t I purchase from your competitor?

An important thing to note is difference only counts if the buyer recognizes it as a value that offers a benefit. Being different isn’t enough, it has to be difference the buyer recognizes as something of value.

Reason to Believe.
Assuming your prospect wants the benefits you offer and acknowledges the difference of doing business with you and your company…why should they believe you? More importantly, why should they believe in you and your company?

Your prospective customer wants to know why you can be trusted and are worthy of being their vendor, capable of delivering on the benefits and difference you claim.
Combining the three elements above and weaving them throughout marketing and sales campaigns has proved to have a significant impact in the ability to grow a company’s revenue. It’s that powerful.

This is a post that every high tech marketer should print out and memorize. I can’t tell you how often we as an industry fall back on selling the features, focusing on differences that only matter to us and our competitors, and spouting the same empty words about being committed to being customer-friendly.

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  1. Thanks for such kind words on my post. I appreciate you sharing it with your readers.

    It’s always and only about your customers. They are the key to revenue success. The more we focus on them – their needs, wants, and desires – and the less we focus on ourselves…the more money we make and the more satisfied they are with our products and services.

    Thanks again!

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