Hell Freezes Over: In Which I Called The Election in 2006

Proving the old saw that politics makes strange bedfellows (even stranger than McCain and Romney), I discovered with horror that economic creationist Barbara Ehrenreich is also an Obama supporter.

If Obama can bring capitalists and communists together, surely he can help heal the partisan divide.

By the way, how’s this for a prescient comment, from back in November of 2006:

Despite my disappointment with Barack Obama’s recent stance on Wal-Mart, I still think that the Democrats would be insane not to run him in 2008. When people like Steven Levitt are swooning over his eloquence, you know you’re on to something. Besides, monkeys would fly out of my butt before Hillary ever won a national election. The entire religious right is convinced that she IS Satan, you don’t think they’d turn out in an election?

Not to jinx things, but I think those monkeys are still being held at the gate.

1 thought on “Hell Freezes Over: In Which I Called The Election in 2006

  1. Have you seen anything in Obama’s policy package that convinces you that he is anything but a tax&spend big government type?

    If you’re are someone who creates wealth, Obama isn’t going to do much for you – especially if you want to keep some of it. And I’ll admit that as a well-paid engineer in my mid 40s, someone who talks nice but wants to raise my taxes to a marginal rate well above 50% is going to have to do a heck of a lot of convincing to make me see that it’s in my interest to support him.

    If he talked more about government living with its means, I’d pay attention, but he’s all about tons of new entitlements, and even silly nonsense such as paying taxes directly to the United Nations.

    Nope, it’s McCain all the way. And if Obama wins, I may take a second look at living in Shanghai for awhile.

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