Obama’s Secret: Principled Transformation

Why Obama defeated Clinton is a curious and fascinating topic. Most of the analyses that I’ve read point out his superior fundraising ability, or his campaign team’s brilliant execution of a 50-state campaign plan that involved using caucus states to run up his delegate totals. Others point towards his soaring eloquence, or his status as … Continue reading Obama’s Secret: Principled Transformation

Hell Freezes Over: In Which I Called The Election in 2006

Proving the old saw that politics makes strange bedfellows (even stranger than McCain and Romney), I discovered with horror that economic creationist Barbara Ehrenreich is also an Obama supporter. If Obama can bring capitalists and communists together, surely he can help heal the partisan divide. By the way, how’s this for a prescient comment, from … Continue reading Hell Freezes Over: In Which I Called The Election in 2006

The Necessity of Hope

I’m endorsing Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate in this year’s presidential race. This probably comes as a shock to long-time readers who know my fondness for quoting the Michael Jordan Rule when it comes to politics. Yet if ever a time existed for breaking my own rules, this is it. Most of my commentary … Continue reading The Necessity of Hope