One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

While Hillary Clinton has been talking up the possibility of a “dream ticket” with Barack Obama as Vice President, something tells me that regardless of which of the two Democrats wins their party’s nomination, the other isn’t going to be in the mood to accept a supporting role.

As I was contemplating this clash of the titans (or what Hillary calls, “the fun part“), a vision came to me, a vision that I was able to render for you dear reader, thanks to Google’s Image Search and 15 minutes of Photoshopping.

“One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall.”

As one friend commented when I described the vision, “Does that mean that Bill is Starscream?”

P.S. This artwork is mean for satirical effect, and not to suggest that Senator Clinton is a 40-foot-tall inhuman killing machine. Though come to think of it, that probably would help her win the robot vote that nearly put Al Gore over the top in 2000.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to vote on Super Tuesday!

P.P.S. Finally, if you want more inspiration, just watch the original. Vote Prime!

1 thought on “One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

  1. This will be a truly weird year. I’m having a hard time accepting the Obama argument that you can “move on” past ideology to “come together” – especially since Obama clearly regards people like me who make decent salaries as ATM machines to be used to pay for his multitudinous programs; after all, I’m “rich”.

    As for Hillary, no way I want someone named Clinton back in the White House. Unless I can stay in the Lincoln Bedroom for a day or two 🙂

    Part of me wants to like Romney, but his “I was born perfect and only got better” narrative just won’t fly with Americans, who like crisis and redemption. Romney needs to release some clips of him in college getting stoned with a bunch of teenage hookers to improve his electability.

    I ended up voting for McCain in the primary. I figure that honesty and honor are always a good way to start, and he’s got both, even if it takes him occasionally in some bad directions (like McCain-Feingold).

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