Framing the Democrats

Question for discussion: If the Republicans brand themselves as “Guns, Babies, Jesus,” what have the Democrats branded themselves as, and is it working?

Here’s my best stab: “Minorities, Welfare, Abortion.” Hmmm, doesn’t have a winning ring.

Some might argue for a different phrasing (say, “Inclusiveness, Equality, Choice”) but that’s just gilding the lily. If you were a Democrat, and you argued against affirmative action, aid to the poor, and abortion rights, you’d find yourself getting kicked out of the party pretty damn quick.

You can view Obama’s campaign as one long attempt to rebrand the Democratic party. The question is, will it succeed? And has the leopard really changed its spots?

7 thoughts on “Framing the Democrats

  1. Tonight I watched the Republican National Convention and was thinking along these same lines. I saw on all the signs “Country First.”

    I thought the Democrats should get a bunch of signs that say “People First.”

  2. Rick

    I think I prefer “Liberty, Diversity, Equality.” Your first set of options seem too narrow for a diverse party — and I think diversity is a key party platform. Especially this year moreso than most. That said, McCain may have stolen “diversity” as a differentiator with his VP selection.

  3. mj

    My vote goes for “We suck less than the other guys” 🙂

  4. Good point, MJ! In fact, both candidates are running on a platform of “I’m not George W. Bush.”

  5. How about “Bureaucrats, Lawyers, and Union Bosses”?

    I’d add “Teachers”, but most actual teachers – as opposed to “educators” – I’ve met are rather disgusted with the Dems (although far too liberal to go for the R’s). “Educators” are nicely covered by Union Bosses and Bureaucrats.

  6. Foo–good alternative. Your choices also highlight the Democrats’ fatal flaw: They like telling other people what to do, and Americans don’t take kindly to that (though ironically enough, they love telling other countries what to do).

  7. Dems always seem to have a framing challenge. In regards to healthcare: (5 min video)

    Somewhat ironic – but I'm a believer that Jesus would actually be on the side of universal health care, minorities, welfare, etc.

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