The Reason Democrats Keep Losing Elections

Clive Crook of the Financial Times and the Atlantic Monthly nails it on the head: Democrats speak up for the less prosperous; they have well-intentioned policies to help them; they are disturbed by inequality, and want to do something about it. Their concern is real and admirable. The trouble is, they lack respect for the … Continue reading The Reason Democrats Keep Losing Elections

Paragraph of the Day: Conservatism

I’m sure conservatism will one day recover – because it is right about the main issues: government needs to be kept in its place, taxes should be low and budgets balanced, individuals should be able to pursue their dreams as free of government control as possible, families do matter and need to be free from … Continue reading Paragraph of the Day: Conservatism

Framing the Democrats

Question for discussion: If the Republicans brand themselves as “Guns, Babies, Jesus,” what have the Democrats branded themselves as, and is it working? Here’s my best stab: “Minorities, Welfare, Abortion.” Hmmm, doesn’t have a winning ring. Some might argue for a different phrasing (say, “Inclusiveness, Equality, Choice”) but that’s just gilding the lily. If you … Continue reading Framing the Democrats