BSG Fans: Must-listen Podcast With Richard Hatch

Here’s a real find for BSG fans–a two-hour podcast with Richard Hatch, the original Apollo, and the current Tom Zerak.

It’s a fascinating interview, largely because Hatch is such a passionate fan of Battlestar Galactica, and because he is almost painfully honest and sincere about everything.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Why Admiral Cain is a better leader than Admiral Adama
  • Why, despite the “darkness” of the show, BSG is all about redemption and hope
  • Why democracy is so fragile, and what we must do to preserve it
  • How the Internet will change the business model for television
  • His regret that the show never explored the sexual tension between Roslin and Zerak

I was especially impressed with his thoughts on Internet business models, user-generated content, and the value of open-sourcing a fictional universe.

Hatch points out that a show with passionate fans could easily gross $50 million PER MONTH (5 million fans, $10/month), and be both wildly profitable, and allow a show to continue as long as the fans wanted, rather than being subject to studio whims.

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