BSG Fans: Must-listen Podcast With Richard Hatch

Here’s a real find for BSG fans–a two-hour podcast with Richard Hatch, the original Apollo, and the current Tom Zerak. It’s a fascinating interview, largely because Hatch is such a passionate fan of Battlestar Galactica, and because he is almost painfully honest and sincere about everything. Here are a few of the highlights: Why Admiral … Continue reading BSG Fans: Must-listen Podcast With Richard Hatch

Is McCain a Cylon?

I couldn’t stop laughing when someone pointed out the similarities between Senator John McCain and Colonel Saul Tigh of Battlestar Galactica. Both are balding, gruff, tortured war heroes with gravelly voices and younger blonde wives. Of course, I don’t think McCain is also an alcoholic who had to poison his own wife when she betrayed … Continue reading Is McCain a Cylon?