More Tales of Jason and Marissa

Recently, the kids have become obsessed with whether or not getting struck by lightning will kill a person.

I had to look up statistics that showed that over 2/3rds of people who get struck by lightning survive.

I also tried to convince them that the chances of getting struck by lightning were very remote.

“In fact,” I told a sobbing Marissa, “If *anyone* in the family gets hit by lightning, I’ll buy you a little car you can drive around in.” (This is something she’s always wanted that I’ve refused to buy)

All this is background to the following exchange, which took place today in the park:

Marissa: “Oh no, here comes a thunderstorm. We’re going to be hit by lightning.”

Jason: “Then I will be dead, dead, dead.”

Marissa: “I guess that means I get a car!”

2 thoughts on “More Tales of Jason and Marissa

  1. Aunt Jackie misses your mini comedic geniuses!

  2. Aw… so young, and already falling prey to the availability bias. Good luck teaching them that little numbers on paper convey more important information than big scary thunderclaps!

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