Jason’s Made-up Songs

One of the things Jason enjoys is making up fake song titles. Here the list he came up with today:

Granpa [sic] was an ape
Lovely Spleen
I twink – Mel Gibson
Sour Barty
Lunch Meet
Son of a, Diddle, Exhausting, Stinkin’ Eggs
Sunk Bat
Magical Thieves – Return of the Lean
Mini Ha Ha (The Joke is on you)
Matter Bald Top
Mr. Revere
Anything Sneeze
Astronaut on a snowy evening

I’m particularly interested in the R&B grinder, “Magical Thieves – Return of the Lean,” and the sensitive ballad, “Astronaut on a snowy evening.” But the biggest hit will probably be the party song, “Mini Ha Ha (The Joke is on you)“.

2 thoughts on “Jason’s Made-up Songs

  1. This gave me my first laugh of the day. Many of these would make excellent band or album names! Sour Barty is especially inspired. Not sure about how PC "gooky" is, alas…

  2. You should send these into Songfight.org and see if they make their list of song titles. Then you can him vote on his favorite takes on his own song titles.

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