Great White Furry (a Jason Yeh story)

To celebrate the end of the school year, Jason has graced us with another of his stories.  Apparently, he is not a fan of Twilight.  Presented here without further comment. Great White Furry “Oh, Jacob, your man boobs are so sexy and pulsing.” “You can forget about those vampire bastards, Bella.” “The f#*$ is this? … Continue reading Great White Furry (a Jason Yeh story)

Jason’s Made-up Songs

One of the things Jason enjoys is making up fake song titles. Here the list he came up with today: Granpa [sic] was an apeBoringLovely SpleenI twink – Mel GibsonSour BartyLunch MeetGookySon of a, Diddle, Exhausting, Stinkin’ EggsSunk BatBonyMagical Thieves – Return of the LeanMini Ha Ha (The Joke is on you)Matter Bald TopMr. RevereMebaWhat?Anything … Continue reading Jason’s Made-up Songs