Reverse Demo Day (Thursday, September 29)

By now the rituals of Demo Day are familiar. The opportunities are great both for startups to tell their story, and for investors to see a lot of deals in a very short time. So why wouldn’t the reverse be true? Introducing the Valley’s first Reverse Demo Day, where the investors sell themselves to entrepreneurs. Inspired by Betaworks‘ and AOL’s New York VC Demo Day, I’m working with Orrick’s TOTAL ACCESS program to hold a Reverse Demo Day.This event puts angel investors on stage and gives them two minutes to deliver their elevator pitch to entrepreneurs.For startups, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a better sense of some of the names you always see on AngelList. Remember, you can fire employees, but you can’t fire your investors. If you’re an angel investor and want to be one of the speaker, please see below for details. Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Location: Orrick’s Silicon Valley Office (1100 Marsh Road, Menlo Park, CA) To apply Please email Joyce Chuang at with your answers to the following questions:
1. I am an active and accredited investor: Yes or No

2. List at least two angel or venture capital investments you’ve made in the past

3. Where are you located?

4. Do you invest your own money, or a fund’s?

5. Link to your biography, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, and AngelList profile that we can use if chosen
If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to contact Chad Lynch at The event is free for both investors and entrepreneurs. I’ll be posting a link that let’s entrepreneurs sign up for the event once it’s available.

UPDATE: To register as an entrepreneur, click here.

6 thoughts on “Reverse Demo Day (Thursday, September 29)

  1. Do entrepreneurs need an invite or to RSVP?

  2. I'll post the event for entrepreneurs separately once they have the signup page set up. Like all the Orrick events, it will be free.

  3. Absolutely love this event, Chris. If you guys need help promoting it, or doing a series of events like this, let us know…

    I'm sure we could pack the room.

  4. Anonymous

    Is there a way to participate remotely? I am in Germany, but would like to partake as an entrepreneur.

  5. jgrotting,

    These events are always recorded, and often live streamed. You should be able to watch.

  6. This is absolutely awesome! I do not need venture money but I love it for the great startups that are seeking funding. It also makes it feel more like a team effort now than before. Not to mention that it now gives all VC a chance to pitch why they are the one's to go with.

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