Want my time? Fight cancer!

Seven years ago, Jennifer Goodman Linn, the wife of my old HBS classmate and basketball buddy Dave Linn, was diagnosed with with a rare soft-tissue cancer. Most people, when facing such a challenge, turn inward to focus on fighting the disease.

Instead of withdrawing from the world, Jen focused on helping others. She founded Cycle for Survival, a fundraising program that has raised over $9 million for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (where she was treated), making it the most successful patient-run fundraiser in the history of that institution.

She worked tirelessly to make Cycle for Survival a success, and her story was featured in Redbook, Self, the Wall Street Journal, and on the Today show.

Each year, I’ve donated to the program, and followed Jen’s fight via her emails and videos.

Jen passed away this year, but her fight lives on.

In her honor, I’ll be riding in Cycle for Survival in San Francisco (and those who know me know that I would never go to San Francisco except for a very good cause).

Here’s where you come in. If you’ve ever wanted some of my time, you can donate to a good cause AND get a piece of me.

$20 Donation: I will answer any one email you send me
$50 Donation: I will have a 20-minute telephone conversation with you
$100 Donation: I will meet you in person at my office (San Mateo, CA) or in Palo Alto
$500 Donation: I will take you out to a leisurely lunch (Peninsula only)

Just visit my Cycle for Survival page and donate. The website will send me your contact information, and I’ll email you to arrange for you to collect your prize.

This is a great cause. I hope you’ll help me fight cancer in Jen’s name.

UPDATE: Great question from Bill Grosso in the comments. Yes, this is 100% tax deductible!

UPDATE: Many thanks to those who have already contributed. I’ve achieved my goal, but I want to keep going to raise as much in Jen’s honor as I can. Keep those donations rolling in, and I’ll keep opening up slots on my calendar!

UPDATE: Today is the last day for donations. Last chance to get my time.

7 thoughts on “Want my time? Fight cancer!

  1. Anonymous

    Chris, We are very touched to see what you are doing to support Cycle for Survival! How clever – to use your skill set this way! THANK YOU VERY, VERY much! Sandy & Len Goodman, Jen's parents

  2. Sandy and Len,

    I'm glad I'll be able to help continue Jen's great work. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Is the donation tax deductible?

  4. Bill,

    Yes, this is a non-profit charity, and any donations are 100% tax deductible.

  5. I'm in then. Been meaning to catch up with you anyway; now it's official and we have to do it!

  6. hi chris, it is an honorable mission you are on. i am happy to donate and would love to meet with you , how do we schedule after donation?
    best, zina

  7. b

    Hi Chris,

    I had been meaning to donate but unfortunately didn't know there was a deadline coming up. Is there any other way to donate?

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