Fight Cancer in 2014

For the past two years, I’ve ridden in the Cycle for Survival cancer fundraiser, and you’ve helped me donate thousands of dollars to cancer research (CFS donated over $14 million to cancer research last year). Cancer is a devastating disease that will eventually impact all of us, either directly, or via our family and friends.  … Continue reading Fight Cancer in 2014

Life is Fragile; Don’t Postpone It

People in Silicon Valley are unusually likely to believe themselves immortal.  Literally.  Whether it’s cryogenic preservation or the uploading of consciousness, we go so far as to deny death’s inexorability–at least for us. I’m sympathetic, since I’m terrified of death–my children all know that my fond wish is to be put into a robot body … Continue reading Life is Fragile; Don’t Postpone It

Fight Cancer, Get My Time

Last year, I rode in Cycle for Survival, and helped raise over $15 million for cancer.  You guys helped by donating over $2,000. This year, it’s even more personal.  As you know, I lost my beloved dog Kobe to cancer last Fall. Meanwhile, my friend David Weekly lost his mother, and his brother is now … Continue reading Fight Cancer, Get My Time

Thank You For Your Support!

I spent the morning in the much-hated city of San Francisco, cycling for a good cause. Thanks in part to your support, I raised an even $2,000 (or 4 times my original commitment of $500), and contributed to a record $6.1 million raised this year for cancer research. Here’s a picture of my cycling team. … Continue reading Thank You For Your Support!

Want my time? Fight cancer!

Seven years ago, Jennifer Goodman Linn, the wife of my old HBS classmate and basketball buddy Dave Linn, was diagnosed with with a rare soft-tissue cancer. Most people, when facing such a challenge, turn inward to focus on fighting the disease. Instead of withdrawing from the world, Jen focused on helping others. She founded Cycle … Continue reading Want my time? Fight cancer!