“Deep growth can’t be hacked”

Another great lesson from the KISSmetrics blog and GrowthHackerTV:

“5. Deep growth can’t be hacked

You can do things to drive traffic. You can do things to retain
users. You can do things to hack growth at a surface level, but deep
growth cannot be manipulated. Great products – the ones that are woven
into the fabric of our lives and become habits and addictions – tap into something buried within the human psyche. Twitter-esque, Facebook-esque, and LinkedIn-esque growth cannot be hacked. There is something deeper at play.”

Far too many entrepreneurs think that growth hacking is a way to sprinkle magical marketing dust over a startup.  A/B test this, optimize that, and soon, Facebook is buying you for $1 billion.

Growth hacking is enormously valuable; and there’s no reason not to optimize your startup to maximize your growth.  But the wise growth hacker deploys his or her skills on behalf of a deeply compelling product.

Ultimately, human beings can only handle so much cognitive load; that’s why you only use about a half-dozen of the hundreds of apps on your phone, and you only visit about a half-dozen key websites on a regular basis.

You don’t get to be one of the hallowed half-dozen through growth hacking; you earn that position by impacting lives.

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