“Deep growth can’t be hacked”

Another great lesson from the KISSmetrics blog and GrowthHackerTV: http://bit.ly/19Qm8xT “5. Deep growth can’t be hacked You can do things to drive traffic. You can do things to retain users. You can do things to hack growth at a surface level, but deep growth cannot be manipulated. Great products – the ones that are woven … Continue reading “Deep growth can’t be hacked”

“Leaky buckets don’t need more water.”

The recent post on the KISSmetrics blog, “13 Critically Important Lessons from over 50 Growth Hackers” is incredibly informative: http://bit.ly/19Qm8xT What I love about this post is that it focuses on helping readers avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings about marketing.  It’s so good, I’m going to break out a couple of the principles listed and … Continue reading “Leaky buckets don’t need more water.”