Happiness Doesn’t Depend on Events

The research finding of the day comes courtesy of Eric Barker and Bakadesuyo:

“Ed Diener and Martin Seligman screened over 200 undergraduates for
levels of happiness, and compared the upper 10% (the “extremely happy”)
with the middle and bottom 10%. Extremely happy students
experienced no greater number of objectively positive life events, like
doing well on exams or hot dates, than did the other two groups 
(Diener & Seligman, 2002).”

We always envy the fortunate.  We see what they have, and think, “If only I had what she had, I’m sure I’d be happy.”  But the fact is, we’re wrong.

Whether you have the luck of Gladstone Gander, the endless wealth of his Uncle Scrooge, or the constant misfortune of his cousin, Donald Duck, your circumstances don’t determine your level of happiness.  You do.

P.S. Man, did I love my Donald Duck comic books when I was growing up.

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