Come with me to Doha in April (all expenses paid)

The week of April 23-27, I’ll be working with the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) in Doha to run an all-expense-paid program for entrepreneurs.

The QSTP has a host of promising technologies in its labs around which entrepreneurs can build startups.  The “Research To Startup Program” lets entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world apply to spend a week in Doha checking out the technologies, meeting the researchers, and getting mentored by experienced entrepreneurs and investors like me.
The QSTP will pay all your expenses, including 4-star travel accommodations.  If you find a technology you like, and the QSTP likes you, you get to come back for a 2-month accelerator program in Doha to actually build your startup.
At the end of the accelerator program, you’ll present at a Demo Day where the QSTP’s associated venture fund will invest $500K in the seed round of each promising company.
Since we’re only accepting about a dozen entrepreneurs into the April 23-27 program, your odds of being invited back and, ultimately, receiving that $500K investment are very good!
Plus, even if you aren’t picked for the accelerator program and/or seed investment, you still get to spend a week in Doha with yours truly and other similarly fun and helpful mentors.

If you’re interested, you can apply on the Research To Startup Program website here:
Be sure to mention that you were referred by Wasabi Venture Global so that I can stack the deck in your favor evaluate the effectiveness of my outreach efforts!

1 thought on “Come with me to Doha in April (all expenses paid)

  1. Sara Ahmadian

    I love to do this. I have worked with entrepreneurs in Middle East extensively. I have been to AstroLabs in Dubai and also been to Oman to help them with their travel tech strategy to get more tourists from North America and Europe. I know MENA region very well and I am super connected to tech people there (not Qatar yet) , so It would be an amazing opportunity for me to be in Qatar and know more about Qatar Science & Technology Park. I believe our technology can help Qatar to get exposed to North American and European travelers. Thanks for sharing this!

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