Come with me to Doha in April (all expenses paid)

The week of April 23-27, I’ll be working with the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) in Doha to run an all-expense-paid program for entrepreneurs. The QSTP has a host of promising technologies in its labs around which entrepreneurs can build startups.  The “Research To Startup Program” lets entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world apply to … Continue reading Come with me to Doha in April (all expenses paid)

You can’t mass-produce startups

The rise of the startup accelerators has given many the impression that you can mass-produce startups.  500 Startups has invested in 450 companies.  Y Combinator has graduated 567 startups.  Every demo day, the startups and their pitches get more polished. But the problem with mass production is that it causes entrepreneurs to focus on the … Continue reading You can’t mass-produce startups

How to hold better startup demo days

This week, I was with Jeff Tannenbaum at Manu Kumar’s recent K9 Ventures shindig.  Manu is an awesome investor, brilliant guy, and all-around nice person.  Hard to say why he invited Jeff and I to his party, but hey, when do I say no to free food? During the event, Manu had his entrepreneurs (and … Continue reading How to hold better startup demo days