Is Zoom 2020 like Craigslist 1997?

Thought provoking question:

Is Zoom 2020 like Craigslist 1997?

In 1997, Craigslist was the general-purpose marketplace for everything. Fast-forward to today, and multiple massive businesses have been built around the vertical categories within Craiglist (e.g. Tinder, Zillow, Airbnb–many thanks to my friend Josh Breinlinger who pointed this out).

Today, Zoom is how we handle all of our videoconferencing, but a simple horizontal platform may not be the best approach for specific use cases like conferences, concerts, and others.

Which Zoom use cases do you think most lend themselves to being hived off as big, independent businesses?

2 thoughts on “Is Zoom 2020 like Craigslist 1997?

  1. Larry Cannell

    Or Dropbox 2010?

  2. The great thing about Zoom is superior call quality and easy to use interface. I think there could be spin-off/add on businesses that combine that virtual background (for example combining something with Mentimeter – interactive polls behind the speaker), why not also front overlay functions. Like easier to use than OBS. Maybe also 3rd party add-ons of the polling function. There could be also more customisation for Zoom webinar registration landing pages. Also, for example, in-webinar shopping integration, for some sales webinars could be a thing. I also heard how Zoom calling was used for playing Mafia, so perhaps more group gaming.

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