The Zoom Treadmill (Treadzoomer? Zoommill?)

If you’re like me, endless Zoom calls and the inability to work out at your regular gym may have produced a “Quarantine 15” effect on your weight and fitness. For those who are fortunate enough to afford both a treadmill and the space to set it up, I offer a solution: The Zoom Treadmill, or … Continue reading The Zoom Treadmill (Treadzoomer? Zoommill?)

Is Zoom 2020 like Craigslist 1997?

Thought provoking question: Is Zoom 2020 like Craigslist 1997? In 1997, Craigslist was the general-purpose marketplace for everything. Fast-forward to today, and multiple massive businesses have been built around the vertical categories within Craiglist (e.g. Tinder, Zillow, Airbnb–many thanks to my friend Josh Breinlinger who pointed this out). Today, Zoom is how we handle all … Continue reading Is Zoom 2020 like Craigslist 1997?