Faith = Acceptance

I’ve long been fascinated by religion.  The research is clear that religion can have a major impact on happiness and community–one of the reasons that Ben Casnocha and I have always talked about the need for a secular church that can fill that role for secular humanists. Yet in some ways, belief and atheism aren’t … Continue reading Faith = Acceptance

Faith, Community, Friendship, and Imperfection

Religion is a controversial topic. Not only do believers and atheists have strong (and opposing) feelings on the subject, but there because it hinges on the question of faith, by definition it is difficult to draw conclusions based on empirical evidence (my favorite mode of thinking). I know two things that are definitely true. The … Continue reading Faith, Community, Friendship, and Imperfection

The Problem With Religion

For years now, I have been promising to write about religion. While I have touched on the subject before, especially in the context of positive psychology, I have never dealt with it directly. Until now. The Economist’s recent special report on religion does a fantastic job of taking a balanced, reasoned look at the role … Continue reading The Problem With Religion