Categories vs. Experiences

We all simplify the world around us. We have to–given the amount of information each of us is exposed to daily, the alternative to dumbing down is overload-induced catatonia. One of the main ways we simplify is by categorizing things. By attaching a simple name to a rough set of associated characteristics, we can reduce … Continue reading Categories vs. Experiences

Restaurant Review: Grill-A-Burger

Our quest for lunch began with a major disappointment when we discovered that the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog outlet in Palm Springs had closed down. My wife, a born New Yorker, absolutely loves Nathan’s, and we have to get it wherever we go. What makes the closure of the Nathan’s particularly ironic is that it … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Grill-A-Burger

Restaurant Review: Pomme Frite

On the rare occasions when my wife and I get to take a vacation without the kids, one of our great joys is the opportunity to eat in a fine restaurant without worrying about rushing home to relieve the babysitter. Tonight, we dined at Pomme Frite in Palm Springs. Pomme Frite, which classifies itself as … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Pomme Frite

Description of the Day: Barbara Lazaroff

Here’s a real doozy from “The United States of Arugula” by David Kamp, a rollicking history of gourmet cooking in America. The author is describing Wolfgang Puck’s ex-wife: “A human tornado with curtains of dark hair, a Funkadelic wardrobe, and the sexpot body and tough-chick mein of the protagonist in a women’s-prison exploitation movie, Lazaroff … Continue reading Description of the Day: Barbara Lazaroff