Grit, Policy, and Politics

I was affected and inspired by Paul Tough’s recent book, “How Children Succeed.”  In this book, Tough combines neuroscience, educational research, and striking stories to explain how both sides of the political spectrum are both right and wrong about how to fix America. Conservatives are correct that character is the keystone of success.  Over, and … Continue reading Grit, Policy, and Politics

Enterpreneurship is a grind, not a gas

I’ve written before about the value of being willing to do what others find unpleasant: That advice applies tenfold for entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurship is rewarding because it’s a grind.  If it were simply a gas, everyone would do it.  Om Malik recently wrote eloquently about this on GigaOm: “The positive reviews and the buzz … Continue reading Enterpreneurship is a grind, not a gas