Memory matters more than ever

There’s a brand of technology enthusiasts who hail the power of “external memory.”  According to these true believers, you don’t need to bother remembering things; simply put it into Evernote, find it on Facebook/LinkedIn, or if all else fails, Google it. This external memory is phenomenally powerful, and I rely on it constantly when I’m … Continue reading Memory matters more than ever

32 Things that remind me of Kobe

The effects of the passage of time on grief are both good and bad. The good is that the more time passes since the tragedy, the less you think of it. The bad is that the more time passes, the less you remember the good things. While being reminded of Kobe caused a twinge of … Continue reading 32 Things that remind me of Kobe

Thanksgiving, Happiness, And Memory

My friend and HBS classmate Lindsey and I started emailing about her most recent blog post. The exchange ended up lasting much of the Thanksgiving holiday, and touched on optimism, the underrated virtues of melancholy, and the conundrum of memory. Here’s how the conversation went: Chris: In this morning’s blog post, you wrote the following: … Continue reading Thanksgiving, Happiness, And Memory