Balancing Kindness and Rightness

“Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.” (The Dalai Lama) I recently read this longform New York Times piece on Amy Cuddy and the replication controversy in social science.  The basic summary is that two big trends came together–the first was the rise of social science in popular culture (think Malcolm Gladwell and Dan … Continue reading Balancing Kindness and Rightness

Don’t Feel Guilty, Feel Committed

I like to say that I don’t feel guilty about things. For example, I don’t bother replying to Christmas cards.  Every year, I receive boxes of cards.  I never send a single one.  And I never feel a single pang of guilt. Yet even though I don’t feel guilt, I’m not a sociopath.  I try … Continue reading Don’t Feel Guilty, Feel Committed

What Hannibal Can Teach Religion

Economist Tyler Cowen had this to say about the struggles that religions face in our modern society: For most mainstream religions, for most urban and suburban intellectuals circa 2012, it is hard to live a religiously observant life during the ages of say 17-25. American religion is left with late convert intellectuals and proponents of … Continue reading What Hannibal Can Teach Religion