Selfish and Giving

One of the paradoxes of my personality, which I think is actually a strength, is that I’m selfish and giving. I’m selfish in that I’m quite aware of my self-interest, and frequently take actions to better my self-interest. I’m giving in that I genuinely want to help people, and are quite happy to share my … Continue reading Selfish and Giving

What KRS-One Teaches Us About Silicon Valley

I am an unapologetic booster of capitalism in general, and Silicon Valley in particular.  It’s even in the name of this blog!  Yet I’ve found myself playing the role of skeptic in an increasing number of conversations lately. As our current bubble (yes, I said it!) reaches new heights, it seems like all anyone in … Continue reading What KRS-One Teaches Us About Silicon Valley

Find Your Compass All Around You

William Deresiewicz has been writing a lot about the problems with an Ivy League education.  As someone in possession of two expensive degrees from Stanford and another expensive degree from Harvard Business School, I am both sympathetic to his points and terrified that he’ll damage the value of the brands that I (and my parents) … Continue reading Find Your Compass All Around You

You’re not “awesome,” you’re “awesome at”

Here in Silicon Valley, we like to throw around words like “awesome,” “killer,” “kickass,” and “rockstar.”  In fact, we’ve even made “rockstar” into an all-purpose adjective, as in “rockstar developer” or “rockstar salesperson.” (Can it be long before we start using “rockstar” as a verb?  As in, “I really rockstarred that latest release!”  Ugh.) Lost … Continue reading You’re not “awesome,” you’re “awesome at”

You Can’t Be Truly Successful Without Self-Awareness

To be truly successful (e.g. not just professionally, but personally, and as part of the community), a person must know themself. Happiness comes when your self-perception and the outside world line up. When a person who has a high self-opinion is seen by the outside world as a failure, the result is anger and resentment. … Continue reading You Can’t Be Truly Successful Without Self-Awareness

Self Awareness & The 2008 Election

Over my vacation, I read “Game Change,” which tells the story of the 2008 US presidential election. Not only was it a compelling page-turner (it really was an incredible narrative), the book is also instructive in how important private strength is to public success. Of the main characters in the drama–Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and … Continue reading Self Awareness & The 2008 Election