Silicon Valley: The “Ultimate Meritocracy”

My fellow denizens of Silicon Valley are fond of referring to our happy little ecosystem as the ultimate meritocracy.  It’s definitely true that in comparison to the rigid and/or corrupt regimes that prevail in other industries and geographies, Silicon Valley is a meritocracy, but it is far from perfect. I often joke with the female/minority/over-30 … Continue reading Silicon Valley: The “Ultimate Meritocracy”

Why Not Combine WP48 and Usage Rate?

(apologies for startup fans–the following blog post is all about basketball stat-geekery) One of the major revolutions in basketball fandom over the past decade is the rise of advanced statistical analysis, similar to Sabermetrics for baseball. Thanks to folks like John Hollinger and David Berri, NBA fans now have a plethora of stats. My personal … Continue reading Why Not Combine WP48 and Usage Rate?