Book him, Dano!

Today my friend Ramit showed me an email and asked, “What does this person mean when she writes, ‘Book him, Dano.'”

I said, “It’s from Hawaii Five-O.”

“What’s Hawaii Five-O?” he asked.

At that point, the other two people within earshot who were above the age of 30 burst out laughing and felt incredibly old.

Man, I am old.

4 thoughts on “Book him, Dano!

  1. Anonymous

    Yes… some phrases deserve to live in perpetuity…

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t feel so bad; when I talk to my girlfriend (who is my age), she often doesn’t know pop culture references because she grew up in another country.

    So, Ramit could be pop culturally-challenged or foreign. Failing that, you may still be old

  3. Anonymous

    Are you aware that, according to Wiki, Jack Lord never said “Book ’em Dano”, he actually said, “Book ’em Dan”. Not sure how it got changed to Dano. Just found that interesting.

  4. Anonymous

    Coz we ilve in the land of OZ, all things end in 'o', ie Johnno,Stevo etc. Thats how Dan has become Danno !

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