Lives Well Lived

This afternoon, I left the office early to attend the memorial service for my old professor, Ron Rebholz. When I was at Stanford in the early 1990s, Ron was already a legendary teacher, with his Shakespeare course considered one of the top “bucket list” courses at Stanford (along with other legendary classes like ME101 and … Continue reading Lives Well Lived

The Age of the Aging Entrepreneur

I’ve often compared Silicon Valley to “Logan’s Run“–once your Lifeclock hits 30, the system encourages you to “renew”.  In the movie, this meant death…in Silicon Valley, it means becoming an angel investor or VC (no comment).  After all, this is a place where an investor can say with a straight face, “We love older entrepreneurs!  … Continue reading The Age of the Aging Entrepreneur

Take Heart, Over-30 Entrepreneurs

I’ve written before about ageism in Silicon Valley: It’s a well-known fact that VCs prefer to fund young founders. In its summary of a recent Churchill Club talk by Vinod Khosla, Business Insider writes: “[Khosla] explained that the older a person gets, the longer it takes to adjust to change. People over 45, he says, … Continue reading Take Heart, Over-30 Entrepreneurs